Read more testimonials from the Otto Mentees themselves!

“This is my first publication experience ever and Otto research initiative was just the right start which i needed! Sharan and Avanthika not only taught us on how to write a narrative review, but they had also helped us and guided us with the mistakes we made during the project. They had given us the privilege to ask them about any number of doubts at any point of time and were with us from the scratch till the publishing. These guys are amazing! I’d definitely recommend them and I’m looking forward to working with them again.”

Sandeep SL, SRM Medical College and Research Center, India

“It was a great experience with you guys. I learned a lot. Avanthika and Sharan both are very cooperative and helped us get published and learn more about research methodology

Aniqa Gulfam, Jinggangshan University, China

“Otto Research Initiative provided a desperately needed opportunity for us IMGs. Dr. Avanthika and Sharan went above above and beyond to help their mentees. They provided us with all the knowledge and tools required to publish our own research article. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience!

Nazia Ahmed, Graduate, Bangladesh

“Working with the Otto Research Initiative was a wonderful experience. Clear directions and thorough guidance were given at every step throughout the course. Your insightful advice inspired me to advance my profession in the field of research. I sincerely appreciate this opportunity and the fantastic team. We are all inspired by Sharan and Avanthika, two extraordinary individuals. We appreciate everything you did to make it a wonderful learning experience for all.”

Suganya Giri Ravindran, Resident, Higher specialty Training (CCT), Watford, UK

“Amazing experience! Avanthika and Sharan helped me understand multiple things I didn’t know about research. They taught me the basics and gave me an opportunity without questioning my knowledge.”

Amanda Trevino, Facultad De Medicina UANL, Mexico

“It was one of the best experiences. Everything went very smoothly. Our mentors, Sharan and Avanthika kept it organized and we ended up publishing an article within a month. I would love to work on more projects with them.

Ahmad Talha Azam, Allama Iqbal Medical College, Pakistan

“It was great to work in Otto research initiative. I came to learn about article writing and publishing process. It gave me opportunity to work, learn and coordinate with wonderful people.”

Deepak B, Andhra Medical College, India

“I’m an IMG from Malaysia. I had a tough time getting published as a beginner in research and was in search of a group of committed researchers to help, and that was the time I came across the Otto Research Mentorship Course. Avanthika and Sharan are two wonderful mentors who guided my team step by step to create a review article from scratch.

I am very grateful for the opportunity and would highly recommend the Otto Research Initiative to anyone who would like to get a research article published.”

Shaalina Nair, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

“In this era, anyone who is interested in research or who needs research for career growth knows how difficult it is find a opportunity with good mentors. The Otto Research Initiative is a timely blessing for me. As co-authors and mentors, Avanthika and Sharan are great to work with and provided excellent guidance. I’m thankful for this wonderful opportunity!

Hari Varsha, SV Medical College, India

“When I was desperate to find research opportunities, The Otto Research initiative came like a savior. Working with Otto was my first step towards research and publication. Dr Avanthika and Dr Sharan helped me a lot. As a beginner, I asked many questions, and both of them cleared my queries with patience. We have published a review article within a month. I will continue to work with the Otto Research Initiative for a long time. I will recommend everyone to work with them.

Dr Jafor Sadeque, Medical Resident
Al Mostaqbal hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

“I’m glad to be a part of the Otto Research initiative during their initial days. I can confidently say that working with them, despite it being for my second research paper, the input they gave throughout the drafting process was extremely valuable. The immense experience of both the mentors combined with their unwavering willingness to help IMG’s get better in the field of research is inspiring, to say the least.”

Maanya Rajashree, Gandhi Medical College, India

“I think I was lucky when I found the Otto research initiative, I had some research basics but Otto gave me the opportunity to apply my scattered theoretical knowledge into a practical research. Dr. Avanthika & Dr. Sharan were amazing. They provided us the needed help to start our own projects. I am really excited to work more and more with them.

Hamza Al Tallawe, Hashemite University, Jordan

“Research training provided by the Otto group was second to none. I enjoyed the course as it was well presented, very friendly mentors, and above that the videos and assignments are of great quality and thus benefit. I was surprised that it was so easy to go through yet so rewarding in terms of gained outcome. I was also able to interact with other researchers and doctors via visual platform that resembled real like interactions. I would like to thank all mentors especially Sharan Jhaveri who has been fully and continuously responsive to my questions. His amazing attitude was key in my first publication.

Fenil Gandhi, Memorial Sloan Kettering Center, USA

“Good initiative started for international medical graduates to teach about research and publication process. Genuine mentorship at every part, transparent process and good results! Will help out a lot of students applying for USMLE.”

Sanjana Sachdeva, Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, India

“It was a memorable experience working on my first successful publication with very qualified people from different parts of the world. Thank you Otto Research Initiative for the great idea and platform. Everyone on the team ensured the manuscript was of high quality. I would love to collaborate with this team in the future as well.

Saurav Jha, Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal

“At first, the thought of research is very frightening due to lack of proper information and sources, but these guys have given me great confidence and good mentorship. Thanks to the Otto team!”

Nikhil Reddy, Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, India

“It was a truly great experience, learning about research following your step by step approach has made this journey very smooth!”

Iffat Iqbal, Dow Medical College, Pakistan

Being new to the field of research, Dr. Sharan and Dr. Avanthika helped me learn about the basic aspects of preparing a manuscript and publishing an article. They were quick to respond to any queries we had and guided us to complete and publish a well written literature review. I look forward to working with the Otto research initiative again in the future on several other projects. I believe training with them as an amateur in the field of research can be helpful and beneficial to every person.

Rishab Prabhu, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India

“Being an old graduate I was struggling to find a way for research work. I was lucky to have found about the Otto Research Initiative. It was a very informative and enriching experience with them. The whole process is well planned and precise. Happy to work with Otto!”

Athira Ajai, Resident, DNB Pediatrics, Saudi German Hospital, Dubai

“The best way to describe Otto team would be a very organised and perfectly oriented guidance. Under Dr Sharan and Dr Avanthika, A step wise breakdown of the research became a not so daunting path and I am forever grateful to them for this learning experience and feel privileged to have gotten this experience.”

Debistuti Saha, Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, India

“When I was badly in need of a research opportunity and desperately seeking one, Otto Research Initiative made my way. It was my first research experience. Dr. Sharan Jhaveri and Dr. Avanthika Chaithanya never made me feel a beginner and answered each and every question of mine in a friendly manner. We have published a research project within a month. I have a strong desire to continue my journey with Otto for a long period. I strongly believe each and every research participant of this initiative will get benefited.”

Tias Saha, Diabetic Association Medical College, Bangladesh

“Working with Sharan & Avanthika was a pleasure! They guided us on every step and made sure that the entire experience of working with an unknown group of people was smooth. This initiative meant a lot for IMGs like me, who have little to no idea on how to get started with research. I look forward to working with them again!

-Vithi Patel, GCS Medical College Hospital and Research Center, India

“It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about research. I’m so thankful for both of you and other co-authors. I never thought I could do research. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and it was a really great experience.”

Tony Santosh, Dr Somervell Memorial Medical College, India

“It was a great experience & the mentors, Dr Avanthika and Dr Sharan were very helpful with our research article. Keep it up! Hopefully we can work on more projects like this with them.”

Daniel Albar Patterson, Tarumanagara University, Indonesia

“It has been amazing to work with these amazing physicians and being part of this project. It was of great pleasure meeting them and working together they were the best help a team of researchers can have. I would love to work in future projects together.”

Cristian Davalos, Universidad de las Américas, Ecuador

“Avanthika, Sharan and the rest of the team were wonderful to work with. The mentors guided us through each step, it was flawless. Looking forward to working with them again!”

Abdullah Yamani, College of Health Sciences, Moi University, Kenya

“I wanted to start working in research but didn’t know where to start and learn from scratch. The Otto Research Initiative helped me jump start that process. Dr Sharan and Dr Avanthika both guided the whole group step by step and were always available if we got stuck as a group or as an individual. Great venture!”

Syeda Iqra, Dow University of Health Sciences, Pakistan

“I am a final year medical student from India and research work is not a part of our curriculum. I wanted to learn how to write and publish a good article, but when I started exploring options, many seemed expensive. To my surprise one day I came across THE OTTO RESEARCH INITIATIVE by Dr Sharan Jhaveri and Dr Avanthika Chaithanya which was totally free of cost. The experience was very hands-on and they always clarified my doubts promptly! Thank you guys for this experience and would love to work with you people again!’

Pahel Agarwal, Bhaskar Medical College, India

“It was a great opportunity being a part of the Otto Research Initiative. I am a newbie to the research world but the team made sure everyone was equally participating in the research. The organisation was excellent. Their videos made the whole process very smooth and simplified. I would like to appreciate their motive and dedication to helping many IMG’s.”

Ramya Talanki Manjunatha, Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences, India

“I had a great time working with Avanthika, Sharan and all the mentees as a group. Being mentors Avanthika and Sharan have done a great job in guiding us through right from the selection of the topic up-to the publication of the paper. I loved working with them and this research experience has helped me to have better understanding about research and its publication.”

Shilpa Samayam, Government Medical College, Siddipet, India

“I have been incredibly lucky to get the opportunity to work with the Otto research initiative. Both Dr. Avanthika and Dr. Sharan have done a commendable job in bringing together all the people searching for research opportunities and providing them with the accurate content and direction to proceed in the way of medical research. While I was really apprehensive about joining the group quite late in the process, they made sure to make me feel included and had been extremely patient regarding all the queries I had. I honestly don’t think I could have asked for a better beginning in the sphere of research.”

Swaroopa M Rath, S.C.B. Medical College, Cuttack, India.

“It was a very rewarding experience to work with this initiative. Hats off to both Dr Avanthika and Dr Sharan for leading this innovative initiative. They were very approachable and hands down one of the best mentors I’ve worked with so far

Sakshi Prasad, Vinnytsya National Medical University, Ukraine

Great mentors and fantastic role models, It’s been a joy working with Sharan and Avanthika. They pushed me to do my best in a given time line with out being overwhelmed. All in all a fantastic platform to get hands on mentorship for people wanting to get familiar with research work.

Abdul Rahim, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

“It was really amazing to work with Dr Avanthika and Dr Sharan. They were just one text away from us. I totally appreciate their effort to help fellow IMGs start their journey in the world of Research. These guys were super clear about how things work from the beginning. I also feel “Otto” is a place to network too. I met people with similar interests here. Research has become a doable thing to me now.”

Sai Sudha Valisekka, Sri Venkateshwara Medical College, India

“Avanthika and Sharan were amazing mentors! Very well organized at every step of the process. Really enjoyed learning through them! Thank you Otto!

Nagarjun Subash, Ramaiah Medical College, India

“It was very insightful to learn about research as a beginner. Had a great time with the team. Everything was hassle-free and sorted because of the tried and tested system created for the project. Overall a great learning and collaborative experience.”

Nirja Kaka, GMERS Medical College, India

“It has been a great experience, the mentors, Sharan and Avanthika are very dedicated. They have always been there for all our very small doubts.”

Ivan Augustine, Government Medical College, Thrissur, India

“Dr Avanthika and Dr Sharan were wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for better mentors. I think the overall experience was mind-blowing and I highly recommend them!”

Ali Issani, Baqai Medical University, Pakistan

“Great team work and effort, inspiring to learn more from them in the future”

Mridula Sree, PSG Medical College, India

“It was a wonderful experience working with The Otto Research Initiative! Dr Avanthika Chaithanya and Dr Sharan Jhaveri guided us through each and every step meticulously, answering all our doubts promptly and patiently. I am so happy to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this initiative. By the end of the project, the repository of knowledge shared has raised this platform to an unexpected level.”

Tejaswini Ashok, JSS Medical College, India

“To be honest, it has to be one of the best initiatives out there. The success rate, team environment, mentorship, guidelines and many such things makes it outshine all the other initiatives.”

Keval Thakkar, Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, DC

“Really learnt a lot from the mentors Dr Avanthika and Dr Sharan. They were super helpful in guiding us through each step of the process. The process was so well articulated and designed. Looking forward to doing more projects with them.”

Mridul Bansal, CMSDH Kolkata, India

“For me, it was a great learning experience and wonderful platform to fulfil dreams of learning basic research methodology.”

Rabia Islam, Punjab Medical College Faisalabad, Pakistan

“It was a wonderful session in which I have taken the research course leading to the publication of the review articles. Therefore it’s not just the course. It’s a hands-on experience and one has proper guidance until publication.”

Prakash Nepali, Chitwan Medical College, Nepal

“It was a great experience. I had zero experience with publications but the mentors made the process very smooth. I don’t think anyone can do anything more than what you did!”

Aditya Chanpura, SMIMER Surat, India

“Right from the introductory zoom session to the final edits, everything was streamlined. It was a delight to be a part of such an amazing team. The mentors are extremely driven and were there to help us at every step. Also, I feel grateful for getting to work with people sharing the same interests as me.”

Arundhati Shandilya, Pt JNM Medical College, Raipur

“It was a great experience . The mentors started from the basics of research publication and there was total freedom as to how to draft the manuscript . We were also a great team who constantly were in touch with each other . The mentors guided us well at every step”

Anusheel Anuj, Rayazan State Medical University, Russia

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