The second episode of “The Otter Side of Research” is out now! 🦦

Episode 2: Networking on Linkedin, at conferences and for the match – Our Perspective!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Getting started with Linkedin
  2. Networking at ConferencesWhere to begin?
  3. Networking with Residents and Attendings – Do’s and don’ts, and what to expect.

Just like The Otto Research Initiative, our aim with this podcast is to help the medical student community evolve and learn more about basic research methodology. Our straight up approach, combined with real-life suggestions based on our own first-hand experiences will provide you with a unique perspective to better navigate medical school and residency applications.

Join us, as we hope to make your time at medschool more productive and enjoyable at the same time.
Tip: 1.5x is the norm, iykyk 🙂

Check it out on Spotify by clicking the link below! This podcast is from our Instagram live with Inspire IMG on 03/03/23.

The Otter Side of Research: Our brand new podcast!

Introducing The Otter Side of Research podcast, a subsidiary of The Otto Research Initiative.

This podcast will feature audio recordings of various talks given by our founders, Dr Avanthika Chaithanya and Sharan Jhaveri 🦦.

Episode 1: Navigating Medical School- Research, Student organisations and Social Media.

Highlights of the first episode:
1. Your first research project- Where to start and whom to approach?
2. Student organisations- Legitimate or pyramid schemes?
3. Social media- A powerhouse of information or a sinkhole?

Just like The Otto Research Initiative, our aim with this podcast is to help the medical student community evolve and learn more about basic research methodology. Our straight up approach, combined with real-life suggestions based on our own first-hand experiences will provide you with a unique perspective to better navigate medical school and residency applications.

Join us, as we hope to make your time at med school more productive and enjoyable at the same time.

LISTEN TO THE FIRST EPISODE NOW! Tip: 1.5x is the norm, iykyk 🙂

Live Q&A on Research, every Friday of March 2023!

Calling all International Medical Students/Graduates!

Hear ye, Hear ye! Join us for an insightful talk on how to kick-start your research journey. The founders of The Otto Research InitiativeSharan Jhaveri 🦦 and Dr Avanthika Chaithanya, are excited to share practical tips and advice to help you get started in the world of medical research as an International Medical Student/Graduate.

From global conferences, to publishing papers, to finding research opportunities, we will be covering it all on our Instagram live with Inspire IMG every Friday for the next 4 weeks, at 4 PM IST!

Link to their Instagram profile to join the live session:
See you there at 4 PM, every Friday of March ’23!

– Avanthika and Sharan

The Otto Resident Network!

The OTTO Resident Network aims to connect incoming IMG residents amongst themselves and their seniors in order to promote research and collaboration. 🦦

Connections and networking don’t happen overnight. For someone to trust you enough to recommend you, a brief meeting over dinner isn’t enough. But working with each other on a research project will cultivate a team spirit, and you will end up finding friends, mentors or both 🙂

NOTE: This form is to filled only by residents currently in the US Healthcare system and by incoming residents of the 2022 match.


With love,
Avanthika Chaithanya & Sharan Jhaveri 🦦

Otto’s 6 month anniversary! 🥳

10th March marked the 6 month anniversary of The Otto Research Initiative! In celebration, we got customised otter T-shirts! 😄🦦

Running Otto has been one of the greatest adventures of my life. It has made me more empathetic, patient and has given me perspective. 
When you’re mentoring people who are 5,-7-9-11 years older than you from all over the world, that is a responsibility that you cannot take for granted. Not only am I a better leader today, but Otto has made me a better team player. For that, I’m grateful

– Sharan Jhaveri 🦦

6 months might not seem too long, but for us, it feels like an eternity. 
Being passionate IMGs and researchers, starting Otto and making a difference to the research journeys of other med students and grads, has given me a sense of gratitude and respect for this journey that we all are on. 
I am truly thankful to all the wonderful emails and messages we receive everyday, and we are trying our best to add on as many IMGs as possible every month. Thanks for all the love!

– Avanthika Chaithanya

P.S.- The past few months, we’ve been working with a lot of teams at Otto. We can’t wait to share all the exciting research with all of you soon! 

With love,
The Otto Research Initiative

Free USMLE Q&A session this weekend! (5th and 6th Feb 2022)

Hey everyone! As promised, we have something exciting lined up for you. 🙂 

This is especially for those who have freshly begun or about to start their USMLE journey. 

Being a non-profit organisation, we constantly seek avenues to provide value to our followers. We have all seen many people who provide “mentoring” or “guidance”, and charge exorbitantly for the same. We aim to change this status quo.

The USMLEs are tough, but the application process is just as complicated. There are so many forms, applications, emails to be sent that it took us a long while to get comfortable with the process. 

To simplify this ordeal, our mentor Dr Avanthika Chaithanya (an ECFMG certified physician) will be answering all of your queries on her instagram page on 5th and 6th of Feb, 2022. Link to her page: 

You can ask her about:
– how to begin the USMLE process
– what are the application forms to fill
– prerequisites for USCE or research 
– how to start preparing for the USMLE exams
– certification and pathways

You can post your queries on her page, and she will answer all of them in detail! 🙂

Here’s her instagram link for the free USMLE Q&A!

P.S: If you do not have an Instagram account, you can post your questions on the google form! You can view your answers on her page without an account too, as it is set to public view 🙂

With love,

The Otto Research Initiative

Otto reached a 1000 followers on LinkedIn today!

To all the IMGs out there, Thank you so much for all the LOVE! 

The Otto Research Initiative has reached 1000 followers on LinkedIn today. 
What started as a tiny phone conversation in September ’21 has now turned into a global research movement. 

8 PubMed indexed publications and many more on the way.
A total of 120+ mentees trained/under training including:

-MBBS students
-Assistant Professors 

All from 15+ countries with a 100 percent publication rate!

We have met some truly amazing individuals in this journey, people from across the world, each bringing a unique perspective to the paper and the team.
We sincerely believe they have taught us more about life than we have taught them about research. 

We stand with our commitment to train our mentees for free, ensuring they walk away with a PubMed indexed publication. 

Yours sincerely,
Sharan Jhaveri and Avanthika Chaithanya
The Otto Research Initiative

P.S: To celebrate this milestone, we have something special for you, coming up tomorrow! Stay tuned 🙂

Celebrating 100 days of The Otto Research Initiative!

Thank you for all the love! We are now 1000+ IMGs strong, worldwide.

What started as a small dream for the both of us, has now reached 1000+ IMGs worldwide! We have received so many emails and messages over the last 3 months, and we want to thank you for all the love and support that you have shown towards us. We are so glad to be impacting the research learning of so many IMGs worldwide, and to be making a global difference to free, non-profit education.

Ever wondered why The Otto Research Initiative is named so? Well, it’s our favourite animal! 🦦 The playful otter plays a very special role in both of our lives. To commemorate 100 days of our organisation, we decided to donate to The Sea Otter Foundation Trust (USA) to help conserve Sea Otters worldwide, and adopted an otter together! 

Presenting to you, our very own, Harry Otter! (Yes, we’re potterheads).

You can adopt an otter too and help with their survival and conservation, from the link below!

As always, feel free to contact us by clicking on the contact us option on our website menu! Ciao.

The Otto Telegraph

Hear ye, Hear ye!
The first issue of The Otto Telegraph is now on stands!
(well, virtually)

Grab your copy now! Click on the download button below, to get it for free.

Click on the Download Button to grab your copy today!

It’s finally here! (Cue drumroll, please)
The first issue of the Otto Telegraph is now available on your favorite social media platform.

For the uninitiated, The Otto Telegraph is our Quarterly newsletter which includes:

  • The first 5 Abstracts from the Otto Research Initiative. Launched in Sep’ 2021, we mentored 30 Mentees from all across the world in basic research methodology. This resulted in 5 full text publications in Peer Reviewed PubMed indexed journals, the abstracts of which are included in the newsletter.
  • A comprehensive review on the ABCs of Indexing, what is it and why does it matter. This also includes general advice and a few things to keep in mind while publishing your research
  • A comprehensive list of International conferences in the coming months, where you can present your research.

And finally, a sneak peak into what’s new and upcoming from us at Otto, including new batch launches and much more!

This newsletter is a shout out to all our wonderful mentees. Learning about research is one thing, getting all hands on and publishing an article with little to no prior experience, we tip our hats to your amazing enthusiasm!

We wish you a scintillating read.

Do you want to join The Otto Family?

Any bouquets or brickbats about our newsletter? Feel free to leave a comment below, or email us at