The second episode of “The Otter Side of Research” is out now! 🦦

Episode 2: Networking on Linkedin, at conferences and for the match – Our Perspective! Episode Highlights: Just like The Otto Research Initiative, our aim with this podcast is to help the medical student community evolve and learn more about basic research methodology. Our straight up approach, combined with real-life suggestions based on our own first-handContinue reading “The second episode of “The Otter Side of Research” is out now! 🦦”

The Otter Side of Research: Our brand new podcast!

Introducing The Otter Side of Research podcast, a subsidiary of The Otto Research Initiative. This podcast will feature audio recordings of various talks given by our founders, Dr Avanthika Chaithanya and Sharan Jhaveri 🦦. Episode 1: Navigating Medical School- Research, Student organisations and Social Media. Highlights of the first episode: 1. Your first research project- WhereContinue reading “The Otter Side of Research: Our brand new podcast!”

Live Q&A on Research, every Friday of March 2023!

Calling all International Medical Students/Graduates!Hear ye, Hear ye! Join us for an insightful talk on how to kick-start your research journey. The founders of The Otto Research Initiative, Sharan Jhaveri 🦦 and Dr Avanthika Chaithanya, are excited to share practical tips and advice to help you get started in the world of medical research as an International Medical Student/Graduate.Continue reading “Live Q&A on Research, every Friday of March 2023!”

The Otto Resident Network!

The OTTO Resident Network aims to connect incoming IMG residents amongst themselves and their seniors in order to promote research and collaboration. 🦦 Connections and networking don’t happen overnight. For someone to trust you enough to recommend you, a brief meeting over dinner isn’t enough. But working with each other on a research project will cultivateContinue reading “The Otto Resident Network!”

Otto’s 6 month anniversary! 🥳

10th March marked the 6 month anniversary of The Otto Research Initiative! In celebration, we got customised otter T-shirts! 😄🦦 “Running Otto has been one of the greatest adventures of my life. It has made me more empathetic, patient and has given me perspective. When you’re mentoring people who are 5,-7-9-11 years older than you from allContinue reading “Otto’s 6 month anniversary! 🥳”

Free USMLE Q&A session this weekend! (5th and 6th Feb 2022)

Hey everyone! As promised, we have something exciting lined up for you. 🙂  This is especially for those who have freshly begun or about to start their USMLE journey.  Being a non-profit organisation, we constantly seek avenues to provide value to our followers. We have all seen many people who provide “mentoring” or “guidance”, andContinue reading “Free USMLE Q&A session this weekend! (5th and 6th Feb 2022)”

Otto reached a 1000 followers on LinkedIn today!

To all the IMGs out there, Thank you so much for all the LOVE!  The Otto Research Initiative has reached 1000 followers on LinkedIn today. What started as a tiny phone conversation in September ’21 has now turned into a global research movement.  8 PubMed indexed publications and many more on the way.A total of 120+ menteesContinue reading “Otto reached a 1000 followers on LinkedIn today!”

Celebrating 100 days of The Otto Research Initiative!

Thank you for all the love! We are now 1000+ IMGs strong, worldwide. Ever wondered why The Otto Research Initiative is named so? Well, it’s our favourite animal! 🦦 The playful otter plays a very special role in both of our lives. To commemorate 100 days of our organisation, we decided to donate to TheContinue reading “Celebrating 100 days of The Otto Research Initiative!”

The Otto Telegraph

Click on the Download Button to grab your copy today! It’s finally here! (Cue drumroll, please)The first issue of the Otto Telegraph is now available on your favorite social media platform. For the uninitiated, The Otto Telegraph is our Quarterly newsletter which includes: The first 5 Abstracts from the Otto Research Initiative. Launched in Sep’Continue reading “The Otto Telegraph”