Episode 3 of The Otter Side of Research is out now!

Our most requested podcast yet!
Episode 3: “CV Building: A Misnomer” is out now!
Click on the link below to stream it 🙂

Episode Highlights:

  1. Is CV building a misnomer?
  2. Practical tips for working on yourself
  3. Recipe for a well-rounded CV, and how to begin
  4. Adding research to your CV and why it’s practical to start early
  5. CV for the Match, experiences and what NOT to do

    Just like The Otto Research Initiative, our aim with this podcast is to help the medical student community evolve and learn more about basic research methodology. Our straight up approach, combined with real-life suggestions based on our own first-hand experiences will provide you with a unique perspective to better navigate medical school and residency applications.

Join us, as we hope to make your time at medschool more productive and enjoyable at the same time.
Tip: 1.5x is the norm, iykyk 🙂

  • Dr Avanthika Chaithanya and Dr Sharan Jhaveri, Founders

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