The Otto Telegraph

Hear ye, Hear ye!
The first issue of The Otto Telegraph is now on stands!
(well, virtually)

Grab your copy now! Click on the download button below, to get it for free.

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It’s finally here! (Cue drumroll, please)
The first issue of the Otto Telegraph is now available on your favorite social media platform.

For the uninitiated, The Otto Telegraph is our Quarterly newsletter which includes:

  • The first 5 Abstracts from the Otto Research Initiative. Launched in Sep’ 2021, we mentored 30 Mentees from all across the world in basic research methodology. This resulted in 5 full text publications in Peer Reviewed PubMed indexed journals, the abstracts of which are included in the newsletter.
  • A comprehensive review on the ABCs of Indexing, what is it and why does it matter. This also includes general advice and a few things to keep in mind while publishing your research
  • A comprehensive list of International conferences in the coming months, where you can present your research.

And finally, a sneak peak into what’s new and upcoming from us at Otto, including new batch launches and much more!

This newsletter is a shout out to all our wonderful mentees. Learning about research is one thing, getting all hands on and publishing an article with little to no prior experience, we tip our hats to your amazing enthusiasm!

We wish you a scintillating read.

Do you want to join The Otto Family?

Any bouquets or brickbats about our newsletter? Feel free to leave a comment below, or email us at

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